Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We want to thank Hayley Pulizzi for teaching in the past, and for her ability to teach. This term we need to say goodbye to her as she has been offered a fantastic internship that she cannot afford to pass by. We will miss Hayley. The awesome instructors now teacher her classes are:

Vocal Music Workshop - Tessa Castillo,
Fairy Tale Theatre - Tessa Castillo,
Hip Hop - Tyler Piro,
Musical Theatre will continue as Tessa Castillo only.

In addition, we have been asked if anyone is interested in a Chess Club and/or a Book Club. The Chess Club would be for 10 & older children interested in playing chess together for 1/2 hour after classes, from 2:30-3:00, boys and/or girls welcome. The Book club would be the same time, but specifically for girls. It would not be a lesson plan driven club, but a reading and discussing the following weeks club, based this term on Little Women (the full or abridged version is up to your reader). Both the chess club and the book club would be BRING YOUR OWN. Book or chess board for chess. We would appreciate a couple of volunteer parents to assist in chaperoning and supervising. Note these two events are for E Hub Students only who are registered for classes this term. Please RSVP for these open event classes at enrichmenthubhomeschoolgroup@gmail.com.

Thank you! Please get those registrations in if you have not already! Great classes ahead! Registration closes THIS Tuesday at Midnight! Classes start THIS Friday!

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