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I am super pleased to share the new Spring 2016 Class Descriptions, Schedule Grid and Registration! With 13 awesome instructors, many new and many returning classes, you'll be pleased too! Registration is now open. Hurry, some classes fill fast! Registration closes Tuesday, 5/3/16 at 11 pm, so we can get info to the instructors as quickly as possible.

Please check either the Yahoo Group for the schedule grid and class descriptions. Did you know we had both? Yep, we are also on Facebook! If you need the link, here it is to our page. https://www.facebook.com/Enrichment-Hub-73681434193/ After joining classes, there is a secret group page where you can join to receive field trip, service project, announcements, etc. We just don't want to put that in an open forum.

If you would like the class descriptions, schedule grid, and form sent directly to you, please email me at enrichmenthubhomeschoolgroup@gmail.com, or call me at (248)835-4203. They are much easier to read in the files, but this might help. Thank you!

Tricia Ouellette

Enrichment Hub Spring 2016 Classes

Class Dates: 5/6/16 – 6/3/16
Held at: Kensington Church
1825 E. Square Lake Rd.
Troy, MI 48085
(248) 835-4203

Times are listed in class description. OPEN HOUSE on 6/3/16, during scheduled classes.

* Classes are held Fridays, 5 weeks, unless noted in description of individual class.
* In case of inclement weather, please see Troy Schools for closings. If they are closed for severe weather, so are we, as our building is on their schedule of weather closings. We are not, however, necessarily closed on their schedule for days off or vacations.
* Classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable once registered, unless extreme circumstances. Thank you for honoring the program and instructors in this manner.
* Registration is required in advance to ensure your child’s placement, to ensure classes run, and to prepare the instructor for their class. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. See registration form for details.
* Note we offer a Fall, Winter and Spring term at Enrichment Hub. Some classes need continuance for a credit, most do not.
*Registrations are separate for each term. $10 registration fee per family per term, not per person. No other fees besides the ones mentioned here.
* Christ-centered leadership, open to all.
* Classes are listed from oldest to youngest in age (guideline ages), so scroll to find your family’s various needs. Thanks!

Car Care 101, 12:20, ages 14 & up, $35 plus $5 supply fee
Many teens learn how to drive without knowing any basics about the machine they are in control of. Let’s change that statistic! This class will give a basic overview of typical vehicle maintenance, including basic car functions. An overview will include (but is not limited to) changing a tire, checking fluids, understanding dash lights, understanding brake systems, the engine sequence and interpreting car noises. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting a bit grimy, and be prepared to go outdoors as well. Instructor: Doni Langdon

Christian Apologetics, 10:50, ages 13 & up, $35 (plus $10 supply fee if new student)
It is reasonable to believe what Christians believe. This class will look at providing reasoned defenses of the Christian faith. This is a survey course and will briefly consider topics such as theology, philosophy, history, science, and public discourse. It is not meant to definitively prove that the Christian faith is true, rather it is meant to provide Christians with the proper tools to remove roadblocks for belief. Please bring paper and pen. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Calvin Moore

Structural Engineering Science, 12:20, ages 12 & up, $28 + $8, 4 weeks
In this class students will learn the basics of building sound structures. We will use tools as simple as straws and straight pins, as well as a building system called Zometool. We will test all of our structures for their durability as well as their ability to maintain their structure in elements such as wind. Note: no science class 5/6. Instructor: Tracy Mitton

IMPROV and THEATRE Teens, 10:50, ages 13 & up, $41
Come explore Improvisation and Theatre with games and exercises for creating comedic and dramatic characters and scripts. These free the actor's imagination, build ensemble, and hone concentration and focus skills. New and returning students always welcome. Instructor: Dani Cochrane

Stage Combat with Swords! 1:30, ages 12 & up, $41 plus $10 supply fee
In this class we will learn the basics of swordplay on-stage in a safe and fun environment (ie foam practice swords!). Students will create a short choreographed routine. Wear clothes you can move in. Swords are not to be taken home, but can purchase for additional fee for home use. Instructor: Dani Cochrane

Michigan History, 9:50, ages 12 & up, $35 plus $20 field trip fee
Did you know Michigan is the only state that consists of two peninsulas? Did you know that Detroit used to be the state capitol? Were you aware that before we started making automobiles Michigan was known for lumber? This course will consider the history of the one the oldest states in America, its prominent personalities, its contributions to the nation and the world, and its future. Field trip will be scheduled after class hours in downtown Detroit. Parents welcome on field trip. Instructor: Calvin Moore

Physical Education, 12:20, ages 10 & up, $35
Work out with a mix of running, crossfit, and basic exercise techniques in this middle school to high school session. Wear gym shoes, please, come ready to move. Bring a water bottle to class. Instructor: Calvin Moore

Creative Writing & Play Writing, 12:20, ages 10 & up, $35
This creative writing class teaches kids to express themselves and let their imaginations come to life in an encouraging environment. They will learn how to create a character analysis, plot points, settings, and by the end of the course write a short play to add to their portfolio! Please bring notebook and pen/pencil. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Tessa Castillo

Vocal Music Workshop, 9:50, ages 10 & up, $35
Love to sing? Not sure if performing is for you, or love to perform? Well this class is designed to make you ready for your next audition or performance. Each week will focus on a different aspect of vocal performance; audition prep, the importance of safe singing, sight reading, basic breathing, vocal placement, the use of belt, head voice, and chest voice. Each student will have to chance to bring in a piece of music that they love to sing and will be coached and talked through their piece of music. Instructor: Hayley Pulizzi

Intro to Voice Lessons, various times, ages 10 and up, $17.50/lesson
Learn the Basics of Vocal Technique, including correct vowel formation, breathing, posture, vocal range, and how to pick a song. Come prepared with a song to sing and a recording device. Instructor: Gina Holben

Mac 101, 1:30, ages 10 & up, $35, BYO MAC Products
So, you know everything there is to know about your Apple product, right? Probably not. While iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, iMacs and everything else have made our lives a lot easier, there’s more to your smartphone or computer than Facetime and Instagram. This course will take time to show you how to get the most out of Apple device. Required: bring your own Mac product that you want to learn about. Parents, you are welcome to take this class! Instructor: Calvin Moore

How Things Work 101, 10:50, ages 10 & up, $35 plus $5 supply fee
Learn the basics of how things work, like how electricity works, by building a circuit. Learn the difference between DC electric (think battery powered) and AC electric (think items that plug into the wall). We will be working with basic tools and learning how to trouble shoot minor problems. There will be a day when the students can bring in a non-working item from home to try to fix! (Or at least diagnose). Instructor: Doni Langdon

Cell Phone Art Photography, 12:20 or 1:30, ages 9 & up, $35 plus $10 supply fee, BYO phone w/camera
Learn about basic photography and be creative with your cellphone plus some basic fundamentals of composition like the rule of thirds, artistic elements of lighting and creative perspectives. Students will be assigned a photo project per week which we will discuss as a class together and upload. Basic editing will be taught using an app and uploaded to a class page on the web every week. A cellphone with camera and wifi capabilities are required. Instructor: Shannon Morais

Building Big Science, 9:50, ages 9-12, $28 plus $6 supply fee, 4 weeks
How do long bridges work? Why do some buildings have a dome roof? How is a tunnel made? In this class we will learn the answers to all these questions and more as we complete a series of hands on labs to learn why and how structures are engineered. Note: no science class 5/6. Instructor: Tracy Mitton

Guitar, Group Lessons, 9:50, or 12:20, ages 8 & up, $41, BYO Guitar
A group guitar class including tuning, notation, chords, strumming patterns, and more! Beginners and beyond are welcome. Acoustic/electric reviewed. Bring your own guitar, or recommendations for rental are available. New and returning students always welcome. Note: this class is offered in two separate hours. Instructor: Neal Wright

Ukulele lessons! 10:50, ages 8 & up, $41, BYO Ukulele
Want to strum to a tune? A ukulele is a simple instrument to start with, and what beautiful music it makes! This group ukulele class includes tuning, notation, chords, strumming patterns, and more! Beginners and beyond are welcome. Bring your own ukelele. New and returning students always welcome. Instructor: Neal Wright

Spring Arts, 10:50, ages 8 & up, $35 plus $5 supply fee
This great class is available for kids who like painting and creating art! They will be inspired by the world around them, and create art based on this season! Instructor: Tessa Castillo

Knitting Basics with Mrs. Mitton, 10:50, ages 8 & up, 4 weeks, $28 plus $6 supply fee
In this 4 week class, students will learn the basics of knitting; including how to cast on, knit, purl, read a basic pattern, and choose the correct needle size for your yarn. Students will make two projects and possibly begin their own personal project. Please note that the supply fee does not cover their personal project. There will be a separate cost for that depending on the project chosen. Note: no class 5/6. Instructor: Tracy Mitton

Pop Art Canvas Painting, 9:50, ages 8 & up, $35 plus $20 supply fee
Learn to paint like the famous American Artist Andy Warhol with this fun, acrylic-on-canvas painting class. We’ll be taking your photo (or bring a pic of your choice of yourself, a person or a pet) and creating a canvas with a guide (similar to a coloring page) for you to paint in the “Pop Art” style! Instructor: Bonnie Swope

Introduction to Clowning! 12:20, ages 8 & up, $41
Looking for a place to clown around?! In this class we will slap on some noses and explore the age old comedic and physical world of clowning. Instructor: Dani Cochrane

Medieval Times History, 9:50, ages 7-13, $35
Travel back in time with this wonderful and fun history class. We will be focusing on everything from the roles played by royalty, servants, and peasants, troubles that would threaten everyday lives, and so much more! Instructor: Tessa Castillo

Hip Hop! 12:20, ages 7 & up, $35
As always, an awesome dance fun class with clean lyrics! In hip-hop we will be focusing on the rhythm and the beat of the music, coordinating our movements to go with that beat, and incorporating other styles of dance. Please wear comfortable fitting shorts/pants and t-shirts with clean gym shoes or jazz shoes. Instructor: Hayley Pulizzi

IMPROV Kids, 9:50, ages 7-12, $41
Come explore Improvisation with games and exercises for creating comedic and dramatic characters and scripts. These free the actor's imagination, build ensemble, and hone concentration and focus skills. New and returning students always welcome. Instructor: Dani Cochrane

Musical Theatre! 1:30, ages 10 & up, $41
Come find your passion for the arts in our musical theatre class with Tessa and Hayley! We'll be learning about the different types of musicals, working on scenes from Broadway shows together, singing, dancing, acting, and so much more! Come ready to move. Instructors: Tessa Castillo & Hayley Pulizzi

DIY Game Making, 9:50, ages 7 & up, $35 plus $10 supply fee
Good weather is here, and so is another DIY class! We all love playing and creating with Duct Tape and found objects... making our own games will increase the fun even more! We will make some indoor games and some that are perfect for outdoors only (think messy and fun!). Instructor Angelique Van Hooser

Nature Journaling, 1:30, ages 7-15, $35 plus $5 supply fee
Each new season is soooo much fun to explore and EXPLORE we do! Bring your waterproof boots if you have them and explore spring in the woods. This class goes out each time, rain or shine, wear weather appropriate protection. We will document each class with a page for our very own journal (writing/artistic ability not needed). New and returning students are very welcome. Instructor: Angelique VanHooser

Fairytale Theatre, 10:50, ages 7 & up, $35 plus $3 supply fee
Jump into the world of your favorite fairytale and learn and grow in the form of storytelling. While the class is aimed towards younger audiences, it will no doubt delight anyone with a love for fairytales. Each week we’ll pick a fairytale story, create characters, and bring them to life, by acting and storytelling. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Hayley Pulizzi

Secret Codes, 10:50, ages 7 & up, $35
Morse Code, Braille and Caesar Cipher help use decode Bible verses and write secret messages to one another in class. Students must be able to read basic words to have the most fun in this class. Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Cooking 4 Kids, Just Dessert Edition! 12:20, ages 6 & up, $35, plus $5 supply fee
This class will focus on simple desserts your child can create with little or no parental help. Safety, hygiene and responsibility go hand in hand with the food groups in this class. We will make a different recipe each week. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Private or Semi-Private Piano Lesson, ages 6 to 100, $17.50/lesson, Times TBD
Learn how to read notes, play songs by ear, music theory, piano technique, and even create your own song! Gina Holben has a Master’s Degree in Music Education and 15 years of experience teaching piano. Piano students may need to bring a Portable Piano Keyboard to class. New and returning students welcome, or share this class with a friend for a discounted rate! 30 minute lessons. Instructor: Gina Holben

Sky Science, 1:30, ages 5-8, $28 + $6, 4 weeks
Have you ever looked at a starry sky on a clear dark night? Or dreamed of flying to the moon? In this class students will learn about our planets, the stars, our sun& moon, and space travel. This class includes lots of hands on activities and projects to let kids play astronomer and astronaut. Note: no science class 5/6. Instructor: Tracy Mitton

Sing Out! 1:30, ages 5-9, $35 plus $5
If you enjoy singing and dancing to songs from Honk, The Music Man, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and many more, then this class is for you! if you’ve never been in a show choir before, even if you think you sing like a frog, this class is for you! Come dressed for movement. Instructor: Gina Holben

Lego Challenge, 10:50, ages 5 & up, $35 plus $3 supply fee
Enjoy creative time with friends. This class will have games, contests, free build time and even some math -- all while playing with Legos. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Angelique Van Hooser

Treasures of the Sea, 9:50, ages 5-10, $35 plus $3 supply fee
Explore the ocean as we learn about being good stewards of our world. Science concepts and art projects will be combined to give us a hands on understanding of the ocean. Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Ballet, 12:20, ages 5 & up, $35
In this class students will learn the Checchetti form of ballet. Ballet can improve balance and endurance along with being a fun way to exercise. Dress ready to dance, leotards and tights are recommended, but not required. Ballet shoes required. If you do not own any and would like to see if we have an extra pair to loan for the term, please ask me. Instructor: Deanna Irwin

Let’s Write a Story! 1:30, ages 4-9, $35
Use your imagination to create your own short stories by writing games, class participation, and learning how to write sentences. Please bring notebook, paper and pen/pencil. Instructor: Deanna Irwin

Tiny Tots Tap 10:50, ages 3-8, $35
Let’s dance! Tap dancing encourages rhythm, synchronization, precision, and teamwork. Dress ready to dance, NO long bell bottomed pants or dresses/skirts that fall under the knee, please. Long hair should be pulled back securely. New and returning students welcome. Tap shoes are required, but the instructor may have a pair you can borrow for the term. Instructor: Deanna Irwin

Painting with Watercolors, 12:20, ages 3-7, $35, plus $5 supply fee
Let’s learn the color wheel, watch the wonder of the watercolor paints flow from your little artist brush, and leave the mess to us. Remember to have your budding artist wear clothes that can get a little messy. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Angelique VanHooser

Adventures in Arts & Crafts! 9:50, ages 3-6, $35 plus $5 supply fee
From the amazing Adventures in Literature instructor comes a new arts & crafts class! We will work on a fun new craft every week using many different mediums. Come ready to get a bit crafty! Rolling up your sleeves and bringing one of your dad’s old t-shirts to wear is a great cover up idea. New and returning students welcome. Instructor: Amanda Gehrke

Adventures in Literature, 10:50, ages 3–6, $35
Each week we'll enjoy the adventures of a classic children's book, and then enjoy activities that go along with our story. We'll play games, create art projects and explore social studies, math and science concepts from the story. Always a new subject, every term! Instructor: Amanda Gehrke

Junior Music with Parent, 9:50, ages 3-6, $35 plus $5 supply fee
Help your child grow through music and movement! Music engages areas of the brain which are involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating events in our memory. Young children who take music lessons show great improved memory over the course of a year. Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons. In this class, we will explore the basic elements of music, dance, song, and playing instruments all while having lots of fun! Parent must be present for most of the class time. Instructor: Gina Holben

Animal Arts & Crafts, 1:30, ages 3-6, $35 + $3 supply fee
Learn about a different animal each week and make a themed craft. Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Join each other in community!
Lunch room available from 11:45-12:15. Students can enjoy lunch in the designated areas, and clean up their surroundings before heading back to class. Parents help is needed to make this happen.
Parent/Tot Room, available to all, from 9:50-1:10! This is NOT a drop off room. Children are not to be left unattended in this room, they are to be watched by their parent. Remember to clean up after your family, and leave the room as nice as or better than you found it. This is a good time for getting to know each other.
Concerned: Special Needs or Allergies? Your child is welcome! Many classes conform to your child’s needs. Feel free to ask.

Contact Tricia Ouellette, coordinator, with any questions or concerns at:
(248) 835-4203
Home school support, field trips, classes, community, all welcome! This monitored group will be your fastest route to event help, class updates, etc.  

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