Thursday, August 25, 2016

Save the Date - 9/30 for Photo Day

Mark your Calendars! Photo Day at E hub will be Friday, 9/30! Christopher Belli will be posting info here as soon as he can. We are doing it earlier this year due to requests for ID cards early. Great idea! We can use these for discounts all over! Keep the date open, thanks!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Enrichment Hub 2016-2017 Important Dates

Hi Enrichment Hub Community!

Hope everyone had a great summer break.  
I’m working on Fall Schedule 2016 and will post that out as soon as possible.

Enrichment Hub classes for this year will be (2016-2017):
FALL TERM 2016: 9/23-11/11, 8 weeks
WINTER TERM 2017: 1/27-3/24, 9 weeks (plus make up date of 3/31 if needed)
SPRING TERM 2017: 5/5-6/2, 5 weeks (plus 5/9 as make up date if needed)

The Picture Day 2016 is still being worked out, waiting on our Photographer's dates of availability.

The rest is as follows:
Fall Term Production 2016: 11/11, 2 - 4:30, after classes (no make up day available)
Winter Term Production 2017:, 3/24, 2 - 4:30, after classes
Make up Day, Winter Term 2017: 3/31, if needed
Make up Day Spring Term 2017: 6/9, if needed, or used book sale (discussing)
Christmas Stop N Shop 2016: 12/2, 1 - 4 (if room available, room 212)
Military Gifting Day 2016: 12/9, 1-4 (if room available, room 212)
Valentine Exchange 2017: 2/10, Lobby (if available, waiting), drop off before 11:45, exchange during lunch hour, 11:45-12:15. Pick up boxes after 3rd hour at 1:15.

Tricia Ouellette