Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Military Gifting Day

This is what we will be doing THIS Friday, from 12-3, at E Hub at Kensignton!

We'll be decorating pillowcases with fabric markers and paint for the troops. Teens, you, too!!! We'll make cards for the troops, and bring supplies to donate to them for an awesome Christmas package.

You can go to the Desert Angel website for more information on the organization who is facilitating these boxes and go HERE to see a list of helpful items.

RSVP to tupperwaretricia@aol.com, so I can know how many are attending. We'll bring some fun music, maybe Elf the movie, and have a blast packing away.

Do you have a few hours for the troops?

(A note from Amy..the blog poster.. This was my son's FAVORITE event last year and most meaningful. The above note is a card he made from last year. Love it! The other picture is from last year too.)

You may also bring the address of a soldier you may know personally!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Production!!

The fall 2010 session is ending! We are so thankful to all of you, and our amazing instructors at Enrichment Hub! Friday, after our regularly scheduled classes, many bright eyed students will wow their family and friends with the gifts they learned this term! Amazing!

The production will take place from 2-4 PM in room 213 on Friday December 3, 2010. The displays made by our incredible students will be in room 212. The potluck post production will also be in that room. Details for getting your child ready for the production, reserving seats and potluck information have been posted on the yahoo group but if you have any questions please contact Tricia at tupperwaretricia@aol.com

We WILL NEED HELP Friday from all parents who are able to set up chairs, move tables, etc. Please see Tricia or head to 212 or 213 when you have free time, and after your child is in class. We will set up starting in first hour, and hope to be done before lunch or during lunch.