Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trunk or Treat - Friday October 25,2013

Homeschool families, invite your friends! Invite other homeschooled groups!  Let's share the safe fun!  Trunk N Treat 2013 is on it's way! 
Students, please bring canned goods for Gleaner's Food Bank.  Last year, we received 103 pounds of assorted food from this terrific effort. This generous donation provided 79 days worth of food for our hungry neighbors in need.

Bring your kiddos in costumes!  Please remember, NO scary, offensive, vulgar, indecent costumes acceptable. Thank you!  We'll take a group photo, and then head off to have fun!  See you there with goodies fun!
Parents, please bring treats or toys to pass out (peanut free).  Please park in Kensington's West parking lot, park with trunk facing the lane, so you can open your trunks pass out treats. Some families love to decorate their trunks for this fun event. Here's some fun examples of how: NO scary or offensive trunks either, OK? 
Families can arrive by 2:15 PM, and get ready to share.  The Gleaner's Trunk will start the line.  Thanks, McCoy family, for taking donations to Gleaners for us again this year!  My vehicle will end the line.  We will head around clock wise.  :)

RSVP at the desk at E Hub this Friday, or via email -, so we will be prepared as to how many treats to bring.   We usually have about 100-150.  Please reply with the words RSVP TRUNK N TREAT so I will see it quickly.

One more note - Students from E Hub Classes:  If you are wanting to wear your costumes during class on this date, you are WELCOME to do so.  But...if your costume interferes with your class, will get ruined, will impede learning (a shower head in the way of your vision or others around you. etc.), please be prepared to change and leave it for after classes.  Thanks!

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