Sunday, May 2, 2010

Enrichment Hub Spring 2010 Classes, by age/class (guideline ages):

Friday classes, weekly, at Kensington Church in Troy. Christ-centered classes, open to all.

Dates: 5/14 – 6/18, 6 weeks, unless noted. Times are below.

Production: 6/18, 2-4 PM. RSVP & invite family/friends to share your journey!

Composing Music, ages 12 - 17, 12:20, $34

Learn how to write songs and compose music in a fun way that is uniquely yours! Come join us for a time of growing as an artist and an individual as we make music together! We will discuss basic theory and music construction, learning different keys, styles and rhythms that best fit the music you've always wanted to create! Instructor, Sara Aylesworth

Wonders of Web Design, ages 12 & up, 10:50, $66 plus $5 supply fee

Students will create an original web page using a web-based template. Student pages will include hyperlinks, images, mail to links, and various text formatting. Instructor: Sue Osis, Computer Explorers

Drawing l with Pencil, ages 11 & up, 9:50, $43 plus $8 supply fee

This drawing class will benefit the beginner, as well as the student with drawing experience. College level exercises, such as gesture drawing and contouring drawing will be used to train the eye to study and draw well. We will also cover shading, ellipses, and 1 point perspective. This is an important class for any budding young artist to develop basic drawing skills. Instructor: Karen Walby

Young Author’s Workshop, ages 11-17, 9:50, $34

Each week we’ll explore a different genre (short story, picture book, poetry, news article, etc). Class begins by reading a selection from the genre and then move into a time of creating and sharing our own compositions. Instructor: Emma Roy

Pastels with Still Life ll, ages 11 & up, 10:50, $43 plus $5 supply fee

Students will practice the new skills they have accumulated in their past semester in 1-2 new still life projects. We will continue to hone their drawing, seeing and color skills as they set up their own still life composition, with items of their choice. We will also look at other artists in history who were masters of color. Instructor: Karen Walby

Teen Ceramics, ages 11 & up, 10:50, $43 plus $10 supply fee

Students in this class will be guided in developing both sculptural and functional ceramic pieces while learning about clay and handbuilding techniques. Students will be offered projects that will allow them to explore the material while developing their own "voice" to put into their pieces. Instructor: Tracey Priska

American Sign Language, ages 11 & up, 10:50; ages 5 & up, 12:20, $34

Take this awesome class with your parent, or without. Based on American Sign Language, learn or continue learning a new language to reach your community. What a wonderful addition to your homeschooling journey. Instructor: Deb Weathers-Jablonsk

Beginning Printmaking, ages 11 & up, $43 plus $35 supply fee (machine)

This class is an introduction to the art of Printmaking, expanding your young artist’s ideas and artistic tool repertoire. Use different types of printing tools or matrixes to layer up design and color with printing ink. Printmaking can be used for making fine art pieces, illustrating, or commercial art. It yields beautiful and unique results that are unlike any other art process. Students will be ready and able to practice this skill over the summer with their new print tools. A full Printmaking class will be offered in the fall where they can use these tools as well as we expand their printmaking skills. Instructor: Karen Walby

Stage/Movie Makeup, ages 10-17, 5 weeks, 9:50, $29 plus $8 supply fee

For boys and girls!! Have you ever wondered how to make a person look really old when they are only 12, or how to turn a human face into a tiger? In this stage/movie makeup class, students will learn the basic techniques of applying stage makeup to their face and their peers. They will create a "fantasy" face as well as an "old age look" that will inspire! Students will need to bring a wash cloth, pencil and paper to each class. All makeup is hypo-allergenic. Instructor: Katie Beth Hostetter

Woodshop, ages 10 & up, 9:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee

Work with real tools to create workshop-style projects. Each project will hope to be assembled one week, and paint/finished the next. Instructor: Steve Bade

Art with Carmen, ages 9 & up, 10:30-11:45, or 12:20-1:35, $55 plus $5 supply fee

Experience the beauty of creating, drawing, mixing colors and have all of this artistic you in a canvas!! Technique: oil on canvas. Capture your favorite summertime memory, and paint it to keep this memory forever. Bring a picture or drawing of this memory to class the first week. Note class is hour and 15 minutes. Instructor: Carmen Fernandez, Arquitect and amazing art instructor for 20 years.

Vocal Technique, ages 9 & up, 10:50, $34

Want to improve your vocal skills? The focus for this class is on pitch accuracy, breath control, projection, basic anatomy of the voice, and vocal health. We will use fun and easy vocal exercises to help in our daily recognition of pitch, while growing as singers. Every week we will be singing in front of our peers and learning how to give constructive criticism to help us grow as individual teachers (under the teachers supervision, advice will only be positive and guiding to the student). At the conclusion of our semester, there will be a performance in front of your peers, and you may be selected to sing in our E Hub Production! :) All ability levels welcome! Instructor, Sara Aylesworth

Secret Agent Camp-Spybotics, ages 9–12, 12:20, $66 plus $5 supply fee

We will enter the world of secret agents, high-tech robots, and head on a journey around the globe to complete daring missions. The ultimate secret agency, S.M.A.R.T., has designed the ultimate secret agents – Spybots!! Each student is challenged to build and program their LEGO Spybot, with different attributes, working alone or with other Spybots to complete a mission. The students will create their own challenging top-secret mission. Instructor: Sue Osis, Computer Explorers

Hip Hop! Intermediate, ages 8 & up, 10:50, $43

Some experience requested. Let’s move! An awesome class for all, with clean lyrics! In hip-hop we will be focusing on the rhythm and the beat of the music and coordinating our movements to go with that beat, incorporating other styles of dance. Please wear comfortable fitting shorts/pants and t-shirts with clean tennis shoes or jazz shoes. Instructor: Jennifer Pierson

Machine Doctor Skills, ages 8 & up, 9:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee

This class introduces students to the basic skills of diagnoses and repair. Subjects will touch on carpentry, electrical and mechanical. This is a hands-on class. Students will use small hand tools and have instruction in the safe use of Power Drills and Drivers. Instructor: Steve Connor, US Made Leaders

Guitar group, ages 8 & up, 9:50, 10:50, or 12:20, $43 (may require book, see below)

A group guitar class including tuning, notation, chords, strumming patterns & more! Beginners and a bit beyond are welcome. Intermediate classes are also available, ask. Acoustic/electric reviewed. In Mr. Matt’s class, purchase of $15 book is required. In Mr. Neal’s class, no purchase of book is necessary. Bring your own guitar, or recommendations for rental are available. Instructors: Matt Bono, 9:50, 10:50; Neal Wright, 10:50, 12:20.

Beginning Piano Workshop, ages 8-11, 9:50, or 5-8, 10:50, $43 plus $15 book/DVD.

Learn up to 4 songs using the breakthrough Australian playing based method, Simply Music. Students will learn a classical, accompaniment, popular style and blues piece as well as creatively composing and improvising. This is a multi-sensory and interactive introduction to piano. Access to a piano or keyboard is helpful. Parental involvement in the class and at home is highly encouraged. Instructor: Carrie Lozier,

US Made Leaders, ages 8 & up, 10:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee.

Learn leadership building and “soft-skill” development. Provide your child with the opportunity to mature these skills through adolescence, rather than learning them for the first time as adults. This is a priceless early advantage in a highly competitive and ever-changing future. Having building blocks of leadership at a young age will multiply your child's confidence and successes throughout life. Instructor: Steve Connor,

Denim Designs, ages 8–14, 9:50, $34

Reduce, reuse, and recycle in a crafty way. Work with basic sewing & crafting skills to make a purse, backpack, and belt from retired denim jeans. Instructor: Teri Bade

Myth Debunkers Science, ages 8 & up, 12:20, $34

In this class, we will be conducting new experiments to determine if things we’ve accepted as fact are really true. Patterned after the Discovery Channel hit series, “Myth Busters” (less the explosives) but on a smaller scale. We will teach accepted scientific methods for conducting experiments and analyzing data. Instructor: Steve Bade

Violin, Group lessons, ages 8 & up, 5 weeks, 12:20, $29

Fine arts instructor Katie Beth offers lessons in a small group setting. Suzuki method, performance technique, and traditional methods are all taught in the lesson. Bring your violin, or recommendations for rental are available. Instructor: Katie Beth Hostetter, Director of Urban Arts, Detroit

Creative Dance! ages 7 & up, 12:20, $43

Dancers will explore movement through different dance games and exercises. They will be introduced to choreography and will learn how to create dances out of the most unlikely ideas! All ability levels welcome! Comfortable clothing suggested, no flip flops, please. Instructor, Jennifer Pierson

Little House History, ages 7–12, 12:20, $34

This class is based off the Laura Ingles Wilder's original novels. We will read together, study the historical context, create our own prairie simulation, and work on hands on activities (e.g. making butter, square-dancing, sewing). Instructor, Miss Emma Roy

Contemporary Jazz, ages 6 & up, 10:50, or 12:20, $43

From Broadway to the movies, jazz has can be found anywhere. Come and begin learning some fun steps to do around the room and to put together into full-length dances. We will dance and get some energy out! Attire: Girls—“yoga” pants or tights and leotard, jazz or ballet shoes. Boys—t-shirt and athletic shorts, jazz shoes. All long hair pulled back securely in a ponytail or bun, please no hair in face. Instructor: Megan Montgomery

Musical Ears, ages 6–17, 9:50, $34

Musical Ears is a class meant to grow young students interested in progressing in their musical understanding. We will work on a variety of different ear training exercises at all levels. Learn the difference between major and minor scales, their 7 modes, the 4 different chord qualities, the 12 musical intervals along with melodic dictation. Come join us as you prepare to grow as an amazing musician! Instructor, Sara Aylesworth

Youth Ceramics, ages 6–10, 9:50, $43 plus $10 supply fee

In this class students learn how to shape clay using basic handbuilding techniques. We will be exploring the use of slabs, coils and pinch pots to make both functional and sculptural pieces and allowing room for personal exploration & discovery. Instructor: Tracey Priska

Kitchen Chemistry, ages 6–8, 9:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee

We'll be exploring science principles using every day things found in our homes. Children will use the scientific method to explore a variety of fun science experiments. Each class will be very hands on and full of fun science learning. Instructor: Colleen Schinzing

Podcasting Pizzazz, ages 6–10, 9:50, $66 plus $5 supply fee

Move over iCarly, it’s our turn to podcast! In this class, you will learn to create your own slideshow full of your favorite things, and have it posted on the internet. Sign up today – then tell your family and friends to log on and be impressed! Instructor: Sue Osis, Computer Explorers

My Great State, Michigan! Ages 6–9, 10:50, $34

Each week we will explore a different aspect of our great state, including: unique foods, plants, industry, history, and geography through reading, researching, and engaging in hands on activities. Instructor: Miss Emma Roy

Self Portrait Art, ages 6–9, 12:20, $34 PLUS $5 supply fee

We're going to have a blast creating self portraits! We'll create a realistic self portrait and several others that are a little more (or even a lot more) abstract. We'll also be looking at art by several artists and seeing how greatly their portrait style varies. Then the children will be using those styles to create a few more portraits of them self. Children will be using everything from pencils, water color pencils, tissue paper, oil pastels and markers to popsicle sticks and cereal boxes! Instructor: Colleen Schinzing

Junior Woodshop, ages 6-9, 10:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee

Work with real tools to create workshop-style projects. Each project will hope to be assembled one week, and paint/finished the next. Instructor: Steve Bade

Beginning Baton Twirling, ages 6-12, 10:50, $34 plus Baton, if needed

Learn basic baton twirls in a stress free setting! We will focus on flats, flourishes, and figure eights, then put them together in a fun parade-style routine for the recital. Bring your own baton, or ask what to purchase. Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Superstar! Ages 6–12, 12:20, $34

Encourage “God-esteem” through performing arts by celebrating the unique talents of each child. This class will incorporate music, drama and dance with Scripture celebrating the way God made us. We are all superstars in His eyes! Parents are asked to fill out a short questionnaire before the first class to help each student’s strengths shine on stage. Instructor: Jo Anne Kroll

Theatre Puppetry, ages 5-9, 10:50, $29 plus $5 supply fee

Students will use their imagination to create their favorite puppet. We will work on designing the puppet, making the puppet as well as learn how to make him or her talk. Students will also work together to write a short play designed to showcase their original creation. Students need to bring a long sock, any color, to the first class period. Instructor: Katie Beth Hostetter

Math Games, ages 5-9, 10:50, $34

Use hands-on activities to practice math concepts with your peers. Have fun with fractions, percentages, borrowing, carrying, skip counting, roots, primes, add-ins, and speed games. All games will be played for fun rewards & prizes. Instructor: Teri Bade

Minis Ballet, ages 5–9, 9:50, $43

Plié, Tendue, Dégagée, and Sauté! Ballet technique is the foundation for every style of dance; jazz, modern, ballroom, and even hip-hop! Build your foundation in beginner ballet class where we will have fun learning how to move. And it’s great exercise, too! Attire: Girls—tights and leotard, ballet shoes. Boys—t-shirt and gymnastic shorts, ballet shoes. All long hair pulled back securely in a ponytail or bun, please no hair in face. Instructor: Jennifer Pierson

Ocean Explorers, ages 5 & up, 12:20, $34

Explore the world’s oceans, coral reefs, kelp forests, and marine animals in a fun way with posters, maps, globes, books, games, and art. Children will be introduced to basic geography terms & ocean vocabulary. Each week we will explore a different ocean animal (shark, whale, sea turtle, reef fish, etc.) and make an art project or book about it. Younger &/or special needs welcome with parent helper. Instructor: Valerie Braekvelt

Spring Arts & Crafts, ages 4–7, 10:50, $34 plus $5 supply fee

We will be thinking spring in this fun filled art class for boys and girls! Each week the children will create a different spring themed project. The kids will use a variety of textures & techniques at their level. Instructor: Jenny Barclay

Tots Ballet, ages 3-5, 9:50, $43

An adorable class for young children who may or may not have experience in dance. Ballet technique is the foundation for every style of dance; jazz, modern, ballroom, and even hip-hop! Girls: Pink or black Leotard, Pink or white Tights, Ballet and Tap Shoes. Boys: White T-Shirt, Black light cotton pants (no sweats), ballet shoes. All long hair pulled back securely in a ponytail or bun, please no hair in face. Instructor: Megan Montgomery.

Broadway Babies, ages 3–5, 9:50, $34

Grow your child’s dancing, singing, and acting skills in an interactive way! The primary basis of the class is to learn music and drama techniques, while learning and memorizing songs with choreography. A great introduction to these elements for your child! Instructor: JoAnne Kroll

Pre K Adventures in Literature, ages 3–5, 10:50, $34

Each week we'll enjoy the adventures of a classic children's book. After story time we'll enjoy activities that go along with our story of the week. We'll play games, create art projects and explore social studies, math and science concepts from the story. Instructor: Colleen Schinzing

Spring Nature Science, ages 3-6, 12:20, $34

We will examine grasses, flowers (annual & perennial), buds and leaves. We’ll touch, pick, and discuss colors and characteristics of SPRING! One parent for each child must commit to attend half of the classes, so we can do our nature study walks. See you in class! Instructor: Teri Bade

Parent/Tot Room, available to all, free, all hours! Join each other in community!

Concerned: Special Needs or Allergies? Your child is welcome! Many classes conform to your child’s needs. Feel free to ask.

Contact Tricia Ouellette, coordinator, with any questions or concerns at:
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