Tuesday, May 4, 2010

E Hub Annual Spring Curriculum Trunk Sale/park Day

TIME: 11-3

Get those extra books out of your home and into a home that is ready for them! Join local homeschoolers for a chance to sell/swap curriculum, books, games, and educational items right out of our vehicle trunks! If you are selling, please arrive early to set up.

Selling begins at 11. Bring your own change.

Pack a lunch & drinks, and meet us at Halmich Park for fun, too! Halmich is located on 13 mile, between Dequindre & Ryan. There are tennis courts, ball diamonds, b-ball courts, trails, 3 play structures (we will start out near 13 mile), etc. Parents, please be responsible for your children.

No need to RSVP, just come & sell/trade/buy/play!

Rain alternative: Troy Lanes (Square lake, just west of John R.), $1.29 bowling games, $.99 shoe rental. They'll provide the tables, we'd just bring our curriculum indoors. Same date, different location.

Registration for E Hub's spring session will be available. Bring your forms, or we will have extras for you. Any questions, please contact Tricia at tupperwaretricia@aol.com, or (248) 835-4203.

If you are curious about homeschooling or ehub, this is a great opportunity to check it out!

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