Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Offerings

Here is a brief outline of what classes are offered for this term in E Hub. Please contact me to ask any questions you may have.

There are instructors needed. If you have a talent, please contact me immediately. If you do not see a class offered you were interested in having, please contact me immediately. We just may be able to make it work.

Fall 2008 Classes

Ages 18 months – 3:
Music & Movement (need instructor)

Ages 3 – 6 (or 8, varied):
Tots Ballet & Tap with MeganMusic & Movement (need instructor)
Early Science ExperimentsArts & Crafts (need instructor)

Ages 5 – 9, varied:
Junior Engineering with Legos
Spanish Fun
Art and Acrylics with Gabriela
American Sign Language
Science Lab Fun
KidzBallet & Tap with Megan
Hip Hop with Vicki
Math games (need instructor)
Story Hour

Ages 8 & up, varied:
Elementary Engineering 1
Elementary Engineering 2
Drama with Katie Beth
Hip Hop with Vicki
God’s Design Science (need instructor)
American Sign Language
Spanish 1
Art and Acrylics with Gabriela
Guitar, beginner, group lessons
Guitar, advanced, (past chord), group lessons
Adult and Teen Dance and Workout Class
It’s Your Business (24 week), grades 7 & up
Violin, beginner, group lessons, individual, various levels

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