Thursday, August 28, 2008

Subway Revisited.....Costco 'questions' homeschoolers

Awhile back, Subway had a writing contest and specifically said homeschoolers were not welcome. They didn't know who they were dealing with. Since that time they have had another contest and did include homeschoolers.

Costco has decided to 'join the debate.' WHO??? know the premier homeschooling company..NOT! They sell groceries, home-goods.... They have decided to do a 'poll' to see if homeschoolers should be 'certified.' If this was in 'Redbook' or even Good Housekeeping I can see the point. But "Costco magazine???" And they are either dishonest or out dated because they do not have the most current information on the California homeschool ruling. So vote...and leave comments.

Click HERE and go to page 17. (There is a pages tab on the top that makes it easy.) On the side you can vote and there is also an email to leave comments. I noticed that in the comments section the vote 'totals' were very outdated. Include that information in any comments you choose to leave. Can you say Sam's Club?

You can email Costco at

If you are interested in reading more on HSLDA which is quoted in the article, please feel free to see their website HERE.

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