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Enrichment Hub Fall 2015 Classes

Class Dates:   9/18/15 – 11/13/15
Held at:  Kensington Church
1825 E. Square Lake Rd.
Troy, MI  48085
(248) 835-4203

Times are listed in class description.  Production and Pot Luck 11/13/15, after scheduled classes, 2:00-4:30.  This is such a great way to show what they’ve learned to Daddy, Grandma, etc., on stage.  

* Classes are held Fridays, 9 weeks, unless 4th hour (8 weeks due to production) and/or noted in description.  
* In case of inclement weather, please see Troy Schools for closings.  If they are closed for severe weather, so are we, as our building is on their schedule of weather closings.  We are not, however, necessarily closed on their schedule for days off or vacations.  
* Classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable once registered, unless extreme circumstances.  Thank you for honoring the program and instructors in this manner.
* Registration is required in advance to ensure your child’s placement, to ensure classes run, and to prepare the instructor for their class.  Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.  See registration form for details.
* Note we offer a Fall, Winter and Spring term at Enrichment Hub.  Some classes need continuance for a credit, most do not.
*Registrations are separate for each term.  $10 registration fee per family per term, not per person.  No other fees besides the ones mentioned here.  
* Christ-centered leadership, open to all.

Classes are listed from oldest to youngest in age (guideline ages), so scroll to find your family’s various needs.  Thanks!

MS/HS Physics, 12:20-1:15, ages 12 and up, $56 plus $10 supply fee
In this class, students will learn the principles of physics such as Newton’s laws, simple and compound machines, electrical circuits, etc. We will use my Middle School/High School Physics sets, Lego, and K’nex, as well as other hands on activities, to see and understand the physics in our everyday lives. There will be short reading assignments to be completed at home for this class.  Instructor:  Tracy Mitton

Theatre Scene Study, 9:50, ages 12 & up, $67
In this class students will explore characterization, tactics, and performance through the use of scene study. Students will perform for class.  Memorization required.  Instructor: Dani Cochrane

IMPROV and THEATRE Teens, 10:50, age 12 & up, $67
Come explore Improvisation and Theatre with games and exercises for creating comedic and dramatic characters and scripts.  These free the actor's imagination, build ensemble, and hone concentration and focus skills.  New and returning students always welcome.  Instructor:  Dani Cochrane

Math Tutor, Algebra 1 & Calculus, 9:50, ages 12-16, 8 weeks, $51
Learn some easy steps to understand math better.  You are welcome to bring any math problems you have trouble with as well.  Earlier than Algebra 1 are also welcome, any level up to Calculus.  Note:  no Math 10/23.  Instructor:  Jared Piro

World Music Drumming, 1:30, ages 10 and up, $51
This class will be all about the drums!  We will be using hand drums (Djembes) to explore the music of other countries. You will learn drumming techniques, learn about music from Africa and Latin America, and learn teamwork, respect, and cooperation. Please bring a Djembe or any hand drum (bongos, congos, etc) if you have one.  Instructor: Gina Holben

Intro to Voice Lessons, various times, ages 10 and up! $17.50/lesson
Learn the Basics of Vocal Technique, including correct vowel formation, breathing, posture, vocal range, and how to pick a song.  Come prepared with a song to sing and a recording device.  Instructor: Gina Holben

Minecraft Electronics, 10:50, age 9 & up, 8 weeks, $51, BYO Laptop
In this class we will use Minecraft to learn about circuits and electronics.  We will us Redstone to learn about logic gates and how to build them.  Once we learn about these gates we will come up with projects that we could use them for in Minecraft, as well as come up with uses for them outside of Minecraft.  Bring your own laptop.  Note:  no electronics class on 10/23.  Instructor:  Jared Piro

Guitar, Group Lessons, 12:20, age 8 & up, $67, BYO Guitar
A group guitar class including tuning, notation, chords, strumming patterns, and more!  Beginners and beyond are welcome.   Acoustic/electric reviewed.  Bring your own guitar, or recommendations for rental are available.  New and returning students always welcome.  Instructor:  Neal Wright

Ukulele lessons!  10:50, age 8 & up, $67, BYO Ukulele
Want to strum to a tune?  A ukulele is a simple instrument to start with, and what beautiful music it makes!  This group ukulele class includes tuning, notation, chords, strumming patterns, and more!  Beginners and beyond are welcome.   Bring your own ukelele.  New and returning students always welcome.  Instructor:  Neal Wright

Physics Principles, 9:50, ages 8–11, $56 plus $10 supply fee
In this class, students will learn some of the principles of physics, such as force, speed, and simple machines.  We will use the Mattel Hot Wheels Speedology kit, and the Lego Science and Technology Kit to learn how physics works, as well as how to work as a team.  Instructor:  Tracy Mitton

Cookie Decorating! 12:20, ages 8 & up, $67 plus $18 supply fee
Come learn the fun, artistic skill of cookie decorating!  If enrolling in this class, please let us know if any allergy alerts and we will see how we can accommodate your needs.  Not always possible, but we will try.  Instructor:  Jennifer Combs

Art Mediums, 12:20, ages 7-13, $56 plus $16 supply fee
This fun new class is available for kids who have a passion for painting!  We'll be learning how to paint all types of designs, how to create your own stencils for your projects, and more!  Instructor:  Tessa Castillo

Creative Writing, 10:50, ages 7-13, $56
This creative writing class teaches kids to express themselves through written word. We will focus on writing short stories for our younger students (7-10) and short plays for our bigger kids (11-13) in an encouraging environment!  Instructor:  Tessa Castillo

Broadway Musical Theatre, 9:50, ages 7-14, $56
Come find your passion for the arts in our musical theatre class!  We'll be learning about the different types of musicals, working on scenes from Broadway shows together, and so much more!  Instructor:  Tessa Castillo

Nature Journaling, ages 7 & up, 10:50, $56, or 1:30, $51, plus $10 supply fee
Head outdoors each class time, and experience the wonders of the world that God created.  We will explore the woods, check out the spring "newness" and most likely get a little muddy.  Afterwards we will document our discoveries in our own nature journals (no writing skills needed).  Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather.  Two class hour options, same class this term.  Sign up for one or the other.  Instructor:  Angelique VanHooser

Minecraft Plastic Canvas Creeper, 9:50, age 7 & up, $56 plus $7 supply fee
Talk Minecraft with your friends while improving hand/eye coordination with a fun handicraft.  Keep your plastic canvas Creeper you make, or give it as Christmas gift.  Instructor:  Angelique VanHooser

Highland Dance, 9:50, ages 7 & up, $67
Come and learn and almost 2,000 year old style of dance including a dance with swords!  High energy, lots of jumping, warm up set to fun music, great for boys and girls.  No shoes, or wear ballet or jazz shoes.  Leggings and leotards are optional but helpful.  New and returning students welcome.  Instructor:  Jennifer Combs

Hip Hop!  1:30, ages 7 & up, $63
Hip Hop returns!  An awesome class for all, with clean lyrics!  In hip-hop we will be focusing on the rhythm and the beat of the music, coordinating our movements to go with that beat, and incorporating other styles of dance.  Please wear comfortable fitting shorts/pants and t-shirts with clean tennis shoes or jazz shoes.  Please have had at least 1 year of dance for this class, preferably hip hop.  Instructor:  Jennifer Pierson

Geography!  1:30, age 8-12, $51
Take a brief trip around the globe as a class before choosing our own state to study.  Students will have fun homework assignments to prepare for an in class presentation on their selected country.  New and returning students welcome.  Instructor:  Jo Anne Kroll

Cooking 4 Kids, 10:50, ages 6 & up, $56, plus $8 supply fee
This class will focus on simple meals and snacks your child can create with little or no parental help.  Safety, hygiene and responsibility go hand in hand with the food groups in this class.  We will make a different recipe each week.   Instructor:  JoAnne Kroll

Modern Dance, 12:20, ages 6 & up, $56
Bare feet, stocking feet, jazz shoes, or ballet slippers will do, come ready to move.  Leotard with comfortable shorts, skirt or sweats over will help with movement.  Instructor:  Deanna Irwin

Private or Semi-Private Piano Lesson, ages 6 to 100, $17.50/lesson, Times TBD
Learn how to read notes, play songs by ear, music theory, piano technique, and even create your own song!  Gina Holben has a Master’s Degree in Music Education and 15 years of experience teaching piano. Piano students may need to bring a Portable Piano Keyboard to class. New and returning students welcome, or share this class with a friend for a discounted rate!  30 minute lessons.  Instructor: Gina Holben

Scrapbook & Stamp, 10:50, ages 8 & up, $67, plus $6 supply fee
Bring your creativity weekly, along with pictures if you choose, to create a beautiful keepsake, or a card to give, etc., in this artistic class.  Instructor:  Jennifer Combs

American Girl History with Samantha, 9:50, age 6 & up, $56 plus $8 supply fee
Travel back in time with us as we learn about the industrial revolution and child labor through the eyes of a child.  Each week we will read a portion of the book.  Do not be surprised if your child refers to the story years later in history class. Instructor:  Jo Anne Kroll

Act Out!  1:30, ages 6-11, $63 plus $10 supply fee
A theatrical outlet for the young! We will use imaginary play and arts and crafts to spark creativity!  What would your superhero character be?  What about your fantastical animal?  What is life like on your planet?  These are just a few things we will explore in this class!  Instructor:  Dani Cochrane

Young Physics Fun, 1:30, ages 5-8, $51 plus $10 supply fee
In this class, students will learn about electric circuits, and simple machines.  We will use Snap Circuits, Lego Launchers, and other hands on activities to help us learn as well as make some really cool projects.  Instructor:  Tracy Mitton

IMPROV and THEATRE Kids, 12:20, age 7-12, $67
Come explore Improvisation and Theatre with games and exercises for creating comedic and dramatic characters and scripts.  These free the actor's imagination, build ensemble, and hone concentration and focus skills.  New and returning students always welcome.  Instructor:  Dani Cochrane

Colonial Arts and Crafts, 1:30, ages 5-10, $51 plus $9 supply fee
Travel back in time with this arts and crafts class for kids!  We'll be learning how to make fun and handy projects that will also help us learn about Colonial times in our country!  Instructor:  Tessa Castillo

Sing with Broadway JR!  10:50, ages 5-10, $56 plus $10
If you enjoy singing, dancing, and acting then this class is for you!  If you love Annie, Mary Poppins, Honk, The Sound of Music, The Music Man, Newsies, Alladin, Peter Pan or anything musical theatre, this class is for you!  Come dressed for movement.   Instructor: Gina Holben

Watercolor Painting, 12:20, ages 3-6, $56, plus $8 supply fee
Let’s learn the color wheel and paint a picture each class time.  Watch the wonder of the watercolor paints flow from your little artist brush and leave the mess to us.  Remember to have your budding artist wear clothes that can get a little messy, but don't worry it is just watercolor paint.  New and returning students welcome. Instructor:  Angelique VanHooser

Adventures in Arts & Crafts!  9:50, ages 3-6, $56 plus $10 supply fee
From the amazing Adventures in Literature instructor comes a new arts & crafts class!  We will work on a fun new craft every week using many different mediums.  Come ready to get a bit crafty!  Rolling up your sleeves and bringing one of your dad’s old t-shirts to wear is a great cover up idea.  New and returning students welcome.  Instructor:  Amanda Gehrke

Tots Ballet/Tap Combo, 1:30, ages 3-6, $51
Ballet/tap class is great for those little ones who want to learn basic ballet but also wants to have a little fun with tap! Please no long skirts, come dressed to move.  Tap and ballet shoes optional for this short session.  Instructor:  Deanna Irwin

Tiny Tots Tap 10:50, ages 3-7, $56
Let’s dance!  Tap dancing encourages rhythm, synchronization, precision, and teamwork.  Dress ready to dance, NO long bell bottomed pants or dresses/skirts that fall under the knee, please.  Long hair should be pulled back securely.  New and returning students welcome.  Tap shoes are required, but the instructor may have a pair you can borrow for the term.  Instructor:  Deanna Irwin

Adventures in Literature, 10:50, ages 3–6, $56
Each week we'll enjoy the adventures of a classic children's book, and then enjoy activities that go along with our story.  We'll play games, create art projects and explore social studies, math and science concepts from the story.  Always a new subject, every term!  Instructor:  Amanda Gehrke

Broadway Babies, 12:20, ages 3-5, $56
Combine music, dance and drama into one class.  We will sing songs, play with instruments and learn the basics of dance for theater.  In class we will act out Bible stories and songs to learn some of the basics of drama.  This class is for the youngest performer and will be adapted to meet the needs of the students in the class.  The primary goal is feeling comfortable on stage and having a great time.  Parents are welcome to attend with their children to make this class a great experience.  New and returning students welcome.  Instructor:  Jo Anne Kroll

Join each other in community!
Lunch room available from 11:45-12:15.  Students can enjoy lunch in the designated areas, and clean up their surroundings before heading back to class.  Parents help is needed to make this happen.
Parent/Tot Room, available to all, from 9:50-1:10!  This is NOT a drop off room.  Children are not to be left unattended in this room, they are to be watched by their parent.  Remember to clean up after your family, and leave the room as nice as or better than you found it.  This is a good time for getting to know each other.
Concerned:  Special Needs or Allergies?  Your child is welcome!  Many classes conform to your child’s needs.  Feel free to ask.  

Contact Tricia Ouellette, coordinator, with any questions or concerns at:
enrichmenthubhomeschoolgroup@gmail.com (Please note new email!)
(248) 835-4203
Home school support, field trips, classes, community, all welcome!  This monitored group will be your fastest route to event help, class updates, etc.   

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