Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Stop n' Shop!

November 19th
2-5 pm at Kensington Community Church

Children's Craft Sale by E Hub Homeschooled kids!
Stop-n-shop, new gifts for families.
Wrapping center to wrap presents.
Bake sale treats, including gluten free!
Invite your friends and family.

This is a craft show with sale items done BY the children. They can be simple or complex but the idea is that it is the students' opportunity to show their creative side as well as practice their entrepreneurial skills. If you would like to participate please contact Tricia at (248) 835-4203. The cost to participate is $2 plus a baked good for half of a table (4 feet) and $4 plus a baked good for a whole table. The proceeds from the bake sale will go to help those in need. Tricia will also need to know the item the student is making in an effort to not have two people selling the same thing.

We NEED parents to assist in several aspects of this project. Please contact Tricia if you are able to help!

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