Thursday, November 19, 2009

Military Gifting Day

Friday November 20, 2009
Kensington Community Church
1825 E. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48085

For more info contact Tricia at (248) 835-4203

All are welcome to join and make gifts for our troops! We are packing miracle boxes for project Desert Angel. Here are some ways to help in this event:

* Bring fresh-baked sugar or gingerbread cookies, we'll decorate them together & send to the troops!
* Bring any leftover trick-or-treat candy & gum that you are willing to donate! They can take all, and enjoy passing it to children in the desert. It's cold there right now, so even chocolate is great.
* Make cards for the troops, we'll have supplies available.

Anything you want to donate to the troops would be great! Some examples of favorite donations for the boxes are below:

Socks and more socks (white or black), Breakfast Bars or instant breakfast foods, Granola Bars, Good Coffee & Tea bags, New Socks, Cards (for troops to send to their families), Dried Fruit, Letters of encouragement, Beef Jerky, Gum, Fun stuff (anything to let them know you care), flavored powder creamer, candy, tuna packs, drink mixes, toiletries (make them feel special), golf balls, small American flags, MONEY FOR POSTAGE as each box will cost $11.00 to ship. Bring any or all items, or just come and help pack them!

A great opportunity to serve as a family! Have you heard of the Desert Angels? They have been around since 9/11/01, giving personal gifts to the desert military. Their website is:


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